Why the Clayton Valley?

The Clayton Valley in Nevada is home to the only producing lithium brine deposit in North America.


Sienna Resources has exposure to the lithium market through its strategically located property in Clayton Valley, Nevada.


It also happens to be just miles away from Tesla Motors Inc.’s (Nasdaq: TSLA) Gigafactory outside of Reno, Nevada.


The Clayton Valley of Nevada is home to the only lithium brine basin in production in North America.


Albermarle (NYSE:ALB) has been in production in this basin since 1966.

About The Project

Sienna Resource’s “Clayton Valley Deep Basin Lithium Brine Project” is located directly inside of and completely surrounded by Pure Energy Minerals Ltd’s property. The “Clayton Valley Deep Basin Lithium Brine Project” is located in parts of the deepest sections (refer to the map) of the only lithium brine basin with a producing operation in North America, Albemarle Corp’s (NYSE: ALB) Silver Peak Mine. Pure Energy Minerals, which owns the Clayton Valley South project, has  released an inferred resource of 247,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent on the Clayton Valley South project. According to the Pure Energy Minerals Limited website, “Geophysics shows that the same brine-bearing formations encountered during drilling (Pure) appear to extend to much greater depths within the basin.” Pure Energy Minerals Limited had signed a supply agreement with Tesla Motors Inc (Nasdaq: TSLA) to potentially supply lithium hydroxide from its Clayton Valley Lithium Brine Deposit. Also, recently announced on November 26, 2019, was news that Schlumberger Technology Corporation (NYSE: SLB) has begun the initial steps to advance its option to test and develop Pure Energy Mineral’s Clayton Valley Project.  When a major company like Schlumberger is looking at the property that completely surrounds Sienna’s, it is clear that lithium in Nevada is gaining attention again.

Jason Gigliotti, President of Sienna Resources Inc. stated, “We are pleased to be one of the few companies that have property within the only known lithium brine basin with production in North America. Saline brines are higher density than fresh or brackish water and therefore tend to sink. Based on this, management is optimistic regarding this project as we are located in the deeper sections of this basin. Sienna also currently has one of the smaller market caps of the public companies in the Clayton Valley. The lithium space has shown signs of explosive growth recently and shows little to no signs of slowing down. Lithium is one of the few sectors of the market that appeals to both the traditional resource investor and millennials, as Tesla has primarily created a global knowledge for lithium, therefore being a true crossover element.”


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